Geodata surrounds us in many forms. It describes the space in which we live and demonstrates important connections. Whether these are points of interest (POI) in directories and on tourism maps, dynamic information for logistics applications, large quantities of movement data for traffic research or complex infrastructure planning criteria – CIS procures, refines and supplies you with the highest quality reference data you could possibly need.

CIS cooperates with established experts to analyse and process all data and to identify relationships between the data items. We focus in particular on analyses of retail locations, infrastructure planning tools, directory applications and traffic research.

Content Intelligence Services (CIS) are the experts in location-based/spatial content. We offer:

High quality data

Topic-based, international databases with unique selling points, wherever possible

Individual evaluations

We offer the resources to evaluate large quantities of data so that it can be used in new applications (Topics: big data, algorithms, AI)


We recognise marketing potential and create new business models – including practical implementation

Mobility data

Support processes for all data and services provided

Use Cases

In order to be able to provide you with the best possible location-based content, we use an (international) network of topic-based sources that meet our high quality requirements. CIS data is used in the following areas:


The point of sale (POS) is subject to ongoing evaluation of sales potential. This can be deduced from, among other things, comparisons with competitors, target group accessibility and optimal presence – both online and offline. CIS provides you with the optimal reference data, analyses vehicle and pedestrian traffic around your locations, shows you optimal/alternative advertising/trade locations and places your location data in the relevant online media.


The 3 top brands of German directories – Gelbe Seiten (Yellow Pages), Das Telefonbuch (White Pages) and Das Örtliche – as well as Die 11880 – use extensive CIS databases that are purchased via Map and Route GmbH & Co. KG and integrated into current map services. CIS always supplies up-to-the-minute data with all kinds of additional information for static, dynamic and live services. It can also be used to significantly upgrade navigation systems. Our data catalogue is available on request.


The networking of transport infrastructure and buildings (residential areas, office buildings, industrial plants) is progressing rapidly and offers numerous possibilities for evaluating usage analyses, consumer behaviour, energy efficiency, risk avoidance etc. CIS not only helps you with the optimal evaluation and utilisation of the data you have collected but also relates it to considerable amounts of external reference data in order to increase comparability, identify potential and maximise sales.


With the digitisation of transport routes (road, rail and air), not only highly accurate data but also data that is always up to date has become indispensable for new services and traffic analyses. CIS provides detailed data from both public and commercial sources and sometimes overcomes barriers to this which are caused by the federal and municipal structure of public responsibilities.


In collaboration with universities, research institutes, incubators and industry partners, CIS is developing innovative solutions and approaches to analysis which have a geo-related focus. For example, as part of an mFund project, CIS supplies Map and Route GmbH & Co. KG with extensive movement data on cars and trucks, as well as construction site information on selected sections of the route.

About us

As experienced specialists in the use of data in geo-information systems (GIS), we have been in business, in various capacities, since the end of the 1990s. Since then, we have constantly refined and deepened our expertise in procuring, processing, upgrading and marketing location-based data.

We obtain GDPR-compliant data for a wide range of applications, including information/directory services, car and truck navigation, geo-marketing, sales management, funding/research projects, travel guides and market research.